Dad Meets the Martians (poem for children)
(Poem and Song version)
Published on School Journal Part 3 and Part 4 2001 CD.
Produced 2002 for the Ministry of Education by Learning Media Limited, Wellington, New Zealand.

Night Vision (poem for children)
In Bed With My Bedsocks (poem for children)
My Sea-side Cure (poem for children)
Published on audio-cassette, “It’s Worse than Weevils – A Collection of Australian Poems and Stories for Children”, by ABC AUDIO, 2000.

Clancy of the Undertow (poem for adults)
Published on double audio-cassette, “Rocky Marshall presents STORIES OF AUSTRALIA”, recorded at ABC Studios Adelaide by David Mulhallen.
Also published on LP album, “Jim Smith – YOU DON’T SAY!”, by Sidetrack, 1987.

Back Door Ballads (poems and songs for adults)
Self published audio cassette, recorded at C’est Ca Studios, Collingwood, 1983.