Letter from Pete Seeger

February 6th, 2014 | Pete Seeger, Poems for children

Back in 2008, after I had published my first little collection of poetry, “Poems of 2007”, I decided to send a copy to Pete Seeger. I had always enjoyed his singing and his songs enormously, and I thought now I would try to return the favour.

At the last minute I also popped into the envelope a photocopy of my most popular poem, “Dad Meets the Martians”, as it had appeared in America’s “Cricket” magazine for children.

Imagine my surprise and joy when, some time later, I received a letter in the mail from the man himself!

He had written on the poem:

Stephen –
thanks for poems
Pete Seeger

What a thrill!

Here it is.

(Thank you to Lars Leetaru for very kindly giving me permission to reproduce his beautiful artwork here.)

Letter from Pete Seeger copy