Results of written poetry competition – 2014 Toolangi C. J. Dennis Poetry Festival

October 21st, 2014 | C. J. Dennis, Festivals, Poems for adults, Poems for children, Toolangi C. J. Dennis Poetry Festival

The results of the written poetry competition for the 2014 Toolangi C. J. Dennis Poetry Festival, as announced on Saturday as part of the festival, are as follows:

Adult Open

First: “When a Tree Falls” (David Campbell)
Second: “The Poitry Competition” (Shelley Hansen)
Third: “The Chorus of the Night” (Will Moody)

Highly Commended:
“Walers” (Anthony Hammill)
“The Day the Yea River Stopped Flowing” (Stephen Whiteside)

“One Golden Autumn Day” (Helen Harvey)
“The Wattle” (Stephen Whiteside)

Open Themed (poems inspired by news items of events in Australia)

First: “Hire Education” (Will Moody)
Second: “Another Homecoming” (Will Moody)
Third: “Ginger Mick’s Business Venture” (Shelley Hansen)

Highly Commended:
“I Heard it on the ABC” (Gwen Pascoe)
“Poor Joe” (Stephen Whiteside)

Adults Writing for Children

First: “The Scary Boy” (Bill Condon)
Second: “School Shoes” (Caroline Tuohey)
Third: “I Have a Cat Called CJ” (David Campbell)

Highly Commended:
“Liza O’Malley has Terrible Teeth” (Lynn Ward)
“The Useless Mutt” ( Jim Kent)
“My Granddad Came to School Last Week” (Val Wallace)
“Wild and Wonderful” (Shelley Hansen)
Vombatus ursinus (the common wombat) (Roger Gibson)

Poems by Students in Primary School
First: “The Travelling Bug” (Isabella Wallace)
Second: “The Cassowary” (Aaron Wallace)
Third: “The Outback” (Isabella Wallace)

Special Mentions:
“My Dog Fred” (Allie Weber)
“an alphabet poem” (Rupert Lausberg)

Poems by Students in Secondary School

This year there were no entries from secondary schools.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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