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I spent a wonderful day yesterday at “The Singing Gardens” in Toolangi, former home of the great Australian poet C. J. Dennis, for the purposes of attending the AGM of the C. J. Dennis Society.

Secretary/Treasurer Jim Brown kicked off proceedings with his haunting rendition of Dennis’ “Dusk”.

(Seated are, from left to right, Maggie Somerville, Edel Wignell and Patsy Hohnen.)


The meeting was well attended, and highly productive. The weather was also very kind to us.

Afterwards, Maggie Somerville sang her beautiful song “Waratah Bay” to Patsy.

Maggie and Patsy

Before heading home, there was time to stroll once more along the banks of the Yea River.

Yea River

(Terry Maher standing; seated left, Maggie and right, Patsy.)

Here are they are again…

Terry, Maggie and Patsy

…and again.

Maggie, Patsy and Terry

I was thrilled to receive, and very happy to accept, a nomination to be the Society’s new President. I was duly elected to the position, and look forward to an exciting and active future for the C. J. Dennis Society.

Congratulations to David Campbell, who was once again elected to the position of Vice President, to Jim Brown (Secretary/Treasurer once more), to Daan Spijer and Jan Williams (general committee members), and to Terry Maher and Lyn Storen (new committee members).

2 responses to “C. J. Dennis Society AGM”

  1. Greetings Stephen

    Congratulations on your election and kudos to the CJ Dennis Society for raising awareness of the work of this wonderful and amazing Australian writer.

    I have loved his poetry since childhood. Of course, like most people, I started with the incomparable “Bloke” – but then I found so much more! I have a treasured early hard copy edition of “The Singing Garden”, and I continue to discover online poems I haven’t read before – bringing enjoyment of the full scope of his work.

    Best wishes for the upcoming Toolangi Festival in October.

    Best Regards
    Shelley Hansen

  2. Stephen says:

    Thank you so much for your good wishes, Shelley. How lovely to meet another Dennisophile!

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