“An Old Master” – verses 8, 9 and 10

October 31st, 2015 | C. J. Dennis, News, Poems for adults

Here are verses 9 and 10, and the last two lines of verse 8

Verses 8 - 10 copy

Verse 8
Line 3
“he says” replaced by “says he”

Line 4
“Give that whip you muddlin blue tongue!” replaced by “Pass that whip you blanky blue tongue!”

Verse 9
Line 1
“heard of fellers changing sudden” replaced by “heard of fellers sort of changin’”

There is then a false start for the second line:
“In emergencies an such like” (this is crossed out)

Line 4
“at the sight of” replaced by “as I looked at”

Verse 10
Line 1
“All at once” replaced by “While we gazed”

Line 3
“gait” (and another word I cannot read) replaced by “footsteps”

Line 4
“But with carriage firm and steady as he swung the whip on high” replaced by “But with firm determined carriage as he flung the whip on high”

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