“An Old Master” – verses 3, 4 and 5

October 31st, 2015 | C. J. Dennis, News, Poems for adults

Here are verses 4 and 5 – together with the last two lines of verse 3.

Verses 3 - 5 copy

Verse 3
Line 3
There are several alternatives, as follows:
…and as Michael saw her settle
…and as he observed her settle
…Mitchell as he saw her settle
(The third version is the final version.)

Verse 4
Line 1
“bogged for sure without a hope” replaced by “red and stiff and most tenacious”
Line 3
“Struth says Mick” replaced by “Struth says I”
“lift it” and “shift it” replaced by “lift her” and “shift her”
(There is also a question mark over “in”.)

Verse 5
Line 2
“Bill McGee” replaced by “Dad McGee”
Line 3
“Who” replaced by “William”

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