A few more of Shelley’s shots…

November 15th, 2017 | 'Banjo' Paterson, C. J. Dennis, Festivals, Henry Lawson, Photos, Stories for adults, Toolangi, Toolangi C. J. Dennis Poetry Festival

Finally, here are a few more of Shelley’s great shots.

Here is David Campbell (inaugural winner of the “Marian Mayne” prize for Adults’ Open Poetry, and current judge) with this year’s winner Shelley Hansen (who also won the prize last year).

Here is John Cotter performing at the Breakfast on Sunday morning.

This great group shot was taken at the end of the Breakfast by Rod Hansen (Shelley’s husband).

Rod Hansen

A stationary version of the “moving theatre” (blame the weather!) with Henry Lawson (David Campbell), C. J. Dennis (Stephen Whiteside) and ‘Banjo’ Paterson (Jim Brown).

Finally, Jim Brown closes the festival with “Dusk” by C. J. Dennis.

4 responses to “A few more of Shelley’s shots…”

  1. Grahame Watt. says:

    I love Toolangi photos ,
    That moment OH! SO RARE,
    When the FESTIVAL was captured.
    I wish that I’d been there.

    Skew Wiff. Thanks.

  2. Will Moody says:

    Stephen rued the dearth of photos from Toolangi.
    As it happens we’ve a few we’d like to share.
    When I get a quiet moment, I will post ’em
    just to gloat about the fact that we were there!

  3. Stephen says:

    I’m really keen to see your photos, Will.
    I’m sure there will be many of great note.
    I will get another mighty thrill,
    While you will get your well-earned chance to gloat!

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